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Showing support is always a good thing. There is so much planning and time that goes into putting on events. And when that event is super fun, it’s win-win.

Last night we went to the big park downtown and they had an 80’s experience band, Neon Nation. There was a great turnout. People were dancing. Jumpers were free for kids. There was food. It was a really good chance to get outdoors and do something fun and relaxing in the company of people who want to do the same. 

Get involved with the community. Participate, show support. 

So there’s this place in Downtown Riverside that you MUST try. It’s called Red Hot Kitchen (though they answer the phone RHK).

It is an Asian Fusion place offering really flavorful and interesting dishes.

We got the taco with short rib and the chimichanga with beef. We shared this and had half of the chimichanga to take home.

There was such care put into faceting all of the ingredients, I mean look at them!

Both items and large drink came out to about $13. Not bad for a nice afternoon taste of something so different and absolutely delicious.

Every Bit Helps

Often we are too lazy. Period. I am too. I find that if we take smaller steps, we have a better chance of consistency, and overall change. I think recycling is important. In our apartment complex, we are lucky enough to have recycling services onsite. Recycle. Nothing too crazy. Just a little.